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“We engaged Catherine to help with advice on a contract that was subject to New Zealand
Law. Catherine was referred to us through the New Zealand Embassy in Tokyo. We really
enjoyed working with Catherine as she was friendly and so easy to deal with, grasped the
problem we had and could resolve our issue quickly and easily. Following the practical
business and legal advice we got from Catherine we understood the issue under New
Zealand law, the potential risks and what practical steps to take next. We would have no
hesitation in referring others to use Catherine O’Connell Law. “

- Hirotsugu Fukao, Executive Operating Officer – Alliance, VINX Corp, a software solutions company



“Catherine O’Connell provided Spectrum Brands with outstanding support on our recent litigation matter in Japan. The key value that Catherine provided to us was that she was able to attend our office in Japan to meet directly with key personnel, assist in the identification and collection of evidence to support our case and assist with the creation of witness statements. I am based in Melbourne so I’m limited in my ability to travel. By working directly with our business and on-site, our staff had minimal disruptions to their work, rather than having to travel to the offices of our external lawyers to provide evidence. It goes without saying that Catherine’s style and fluency in Japanese language and culture made the interface with our staff extremely efficient. Catherine was also able to gain insight into the case and ensure that the right information was extracted from the business. The key contribution that I believe Catherine was able to make was that our legal case was significantly strengthened by her insight and her ability to collect relevant evidence to support our case and I really appreciate her hard work.”

- Alistair Grant, Regional General Counsel, APAC. Spectrum Brands Australia



“OK Ladies! I've just had a wonderful and very refreshing chat with Catherine regarding all things legal. If you are neglecting this side of your business because it's in the "too hard" basket, please just contact her and LET HER HELP YOU! :) You'll feel amazing and professional - I promise! Get her to tell you about wills too!”


- Jayne Nakata, Owner of Transformational Retreats

“Catherine is a passionate individual who cares about her clients' needs. She is excellent at explaining how to help businesses grow. And she is dedicated to providing bilingual legal services.”

-Foreign tech-business owner based in Japan



“We have substantial experience working with Catherine. She has extremely strong command of both oral and written Japanese and understands Japanese culture, based on all of her experiences working as in-house legal counsel inside traditional Japanese companies.

We found working with Catherine to be so easy – she provided us with useful insights into business operations and decision making, and what in-house legal teams need to hear from outside counsel in order to provide commercially-relevant, practical and risk-hedging legal advice to management. Strategizing with Catherine on very sensitive labor law issues and other law topics really contributed to the value of the advice and strategy we provided to our foreign clients operating their businesses in Japan.
We believe Catherine’s skills with the Japanese language + legal knowledge + real cultural understanding set her apart from other lawyers in the Tokyo market, and are attributes that both Japanese and foreign clients will value.

We would not hesitate to recommend Catherine as a trusted partner when you want practical, business-focused advice from a western lawyer with a deep understanding of Japanese language, culture and people.”

- Partner in a Medium-sized Japanese law firm with substantial overseas/foreign clients



“Thank you for your excellent and very quick actions. We deeply appreciate your work. Whenever we have inquiries from ANZ, we will make sure that we will ask you for your consultancy/legal advice.”

-Japanese Trading company exporting food products to Australia & New Zealand

“Thank you for your clear communication and clear and concise recommendation - it is very easy to follow.”– Individual client



“Catherine acted as a contingent worker in our Tokyo office as we were looking for a new legal counsel for Japan. During the 8 months she was with us, she provided all round legal support, from on-board training for new hires, reviewing contracts and promotional materials to supporting with the interview of the new legal counsel. She became an integral and trusted part of the team in Japan due to her sense of humor, business acumen and excellent Japanese language skills. In addition to knowledge in Japanese laws, her insight into Japan business culture and mindset made communications between legal and commercial functions much easier.”

- Lead Counsel, Commercial Operations. APAC, CSL Behring