Catherine O'Connell Law offers in-house legal services in Tokyo, Japan.

For In-House Legal Teams

When you’re short of legal staff, you need the assistance of an experienced, competent lawyer who has worked in-house, just like you. You need someone who will come in and hit the ground running, who is not afraid of an open-plan office, and who can communicate with your management and staff in Japanese or English.

That’s where we come in. We assist you by covering your staffing gaps, maternity/parental or other medical leave coverage, when you are not able to get budget for a full-time head count, or you are a solo-general counsel and just need a helping hand now and then.

We have the experience and passion to help you part-time or full-time, in-person, or via virtual secondments, with ad-hoc extensions to your in-house legal team, on-going, and project-based advisory. We can also help you develop your own in-house competencies by rolling out legal/compliance workshops and training in your team, and throughout the organisation.

Catherine O'Connell Law, Toykyo, Japan || Legal Support for Law Firms

For Law Firms

We’re a law firm that also performs work to support Japanese and foreign law firms in Japan, as well as New Zealand-based law firms.

We have the experience and passion to help your law firm part-time or full-time, in-person, or via virtual secondments or ad-hoc extensions to your law firm team, as well as on-going, and project-based advisory support.

If you are a Japanese law firm working to expand your business overseas, you will need the help of an experienced bi-lingual foreign lawyer to supplement your team. We support Japanese law firms in their communications and strategy with foreign clients.

For foreign firms in Japan, let us help you to manage your client’s secondment requests by engaging our secondment services.

For New Zealand-based law firms with Japanese clients in country or in Japan, we provide bi-lingual, in-person, or virtual support so your clients understand documentation and concepts under New Zealand law.

Catherine O'Connell Law, Tokyo, Japan || Legal Support for New and Maturing Businesses

For New and Maturing Businesses

Lawyers don’t only help when there is a problem! Being proactive to ensure that you have positively lessened your risk of future problems is an important step you can take to protect your business investments.

In business, you know that your relationships with your key suppliers and customers are built on the foundation of a promise, and that promise is encapsulated in a written agreement or contract. It is also important to stay ahead of compliance and regulatory changes in your industry.

We are passionate about helping your small and medium, new or maturing business, to stay ahead of the game based on solid legal foundations through ad-hoc, ongoing, and project-based advisory assistance. Our half-day workshops and training packages are also useful to help you to develop your own competencies for management of basic legal transactions in-house.