NZCA Combined Offshore Conference 2019

On 26 June, at the invitation of ANZ Bank Catherine presented to a group of 40 lawyers and accountants from NZ Law and NZ Chartered Accountants (NZCA) during their Combined Offshore Conference 2019. NZ Law and NZCA are associations of independent law and accounting firms with 55 and 30 members respectively across New Zealand.

Catherine provided a snapshot of Japan, presenting insights into the complexities and nuances of the law and doing business in Japan. She provided her view of the business world here, highlighted the hot topics on the minds of General Counsel and business people in Japan, and passed on tips and ideas for law firm clients to think about if they are looking to do business in Japan or working with Japanese businesses. Catherine also spoke about the opportunities the Rugby World Cup 2019 may bring to New Zealand businesses and highlighted the key sports for business events being organised during RWC2019. Catherine also talked about her own journey, working for Japanese companies and starting her own law business.

ANZ Bank Mr Uenishi also spoke briefly on the Japan landscape using Uber and AirB&B as examples.

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Catherine O'Connell