My first law article in Japanese in Japan has been published in Business Legal Magazine!

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My first law article in Japanese appears in the January 2019 issue of Business Legal Magazine (Bijinesu Houmuビジネス法務Vol 19 No 1). Published on November 21, 2018, my contribution is one of several articles for Business Legal Magazine’s annual “English Contracts” feature edition.

The topic I wrote about is entitled “Are contract changes negotiated via e-mail included in the contract? Contract modification trends in practice and points to keep in mind” 「メールでの変更交渉は契約内容に含まれるか、契約書修正実務のトレンドと留意点」My perspective is written from my experience of working in-house for many years negotiating lots of contracts with counterparties over email, before the actual paper contract makes an appearance.

Why not buy yourself a copy of the magazine with all the articles to read over the coming holidays and be ready for 2019? Business Legal Magazine is available on AMAZON and directly from the publisher. The links are below:

Publisher: 中央経済社 Chuokeizaisha (Business Legal Magazine)


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Catherine O'Connell