EVENT: Working in the Legal & Finance Industries in Japan

"The second instalment in the Australian & New Zealand Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ANZCCJ)’s Youth Empowerment Programme took place on 26 April 2018, this time hosting a discussion and Q&A with leaders in Japan’s legal and finance industries. Held at the cozy Yahoo! Lodge in central Tokyo, the comfortable atmosphere helped to ensure that conversation flowed smoothly throughout the night and attendees were able to easily form connections with other like-minded guests."

"Sam Brustad, the moderator for the discussion, began the event by introducing the evening’s guest speakers. From the legal field, Catherine O’Connell, ANZCCJ Vice Chair and founder of Catherine O’Connell Law, and Tracy Whiriskey, from Ashurst and member of ANZCCJ Executive Council shared their experiences. Speaking in relation to the finance sector in Japan were Kohei Tsushima, head of Challenger Japan and ANZCCJ Executive Council member, and Aya Haruyama, Macquarie Capital Securities analyst and ANZCCJ member."

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Speaking in front of a passionate and youthful audience of up and coming budding lawyers and finance specialists was a great pleasure for me. I didn't have the opportunity when I was young to hear from seasoned professionals working in my choice of industry so it was a real pleasure for me to be able to "give back" and provide some of my insights to successfully work in the law in Japan, taken from my journey over the last 15.5 years in Japan and 23+ years as a lawyer in total.

Sam's write up of the event is here.
Learn more about ANZCCJ here.

*** Are you curious about working in the legal sector in Japan? Do you have any questions I can help you with? I'm happy for anyone to ask me about working in the law in Japan. Contact me at: catherine@catherineoconnelllaw.com



Catherine O'Connell