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I am featured in a special issue focused on Japan, in the May-June edition of Asia Law Business Journal published in July 2018, by Vantage Asia. The title is called "Trapped in Tradition" and is about Japan legal's growth being dependent on its ability to break free from tradition. Here's the link to the article.

One of my passion projects is helping in-house counsel and in-house legal departments in Japan through offering flexible legal services. I’m quoted in the article speaking to just this point and the article goes on to feature my firm and services. 

Catherine O’Connell, a registered foreign lawyer who worked in Japan as an in-house counsel before starting her own business, says rapid globalization and the digital economy will continue to push companies to build and/or strengthen their legal departments to be recognized as valuable to the business.

“Japan regulations continue to bind the IHC legal market, which is looking for innovative ways to meet their legal resourcing needs through flexible legal services (contract lawyers) and allowing IHCs to truly work flexibly, not just as lip service,” says O’Connell. “Japan may see a steady increase in smaller firms and solo practitioners who can provide these services.

Read more: Foreign, female and business focused – New Zealand lawyer Catherine O’Connell on her launching a law firm in Japan, a traditional, male-dominated nation.”

I also constructed the Chronology of the role of In-House Counsel in Japan from the 1980’s to the present day. 

I’m extremely grateful to John Church at Vantage Asia for interviewing me, accepting my research and quoting me in this well-written article featuring many of my fellow lawyer colleagues in Tokyo. 

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