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COL & Jacinda Arden Tokyo Japan

Calling Home: Catherine O’Connell on Radio NZ

Calling home from Radio New Zealand headed to Tokyo, Japan for the first time to after the Rugby World Cup kicked off in Tokyo, Catherine O'Connell joined them, fresh off MCing a lunch reception event for New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

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Things have come full circle for Catherine

When Catherine applied for her first in-house role in Japan the advertisement appeared in Law Talk, the New Zealand Law Society’s monthly publication for lawyers in New Zealand. Things have come full circle and it is fortuitous that some 16 years later an article about Catherine journey since securing that first role up to setting up practice in Japan, should appear in the same publication. The article appears pages 46-49.


The Kiwi lawyer leading the way in Japan's legal profession

When Catherine O’Connell started setting up her own law firm in Tokyo, she didn’t realise she would become a pioneer in more ways than one.

Catherine O’Connell    Founder Catherine O’Connell Law, Tokyo

Catherine O’Connell
Catherine O’Connell Law, Tokyo

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