Catherine O'Connell Law || Services for New and Maturing Business || Japan & New Zealand

Your business is to get on with your business.
Ours is to help you with that.


Keeping our mind on your ongoing compliance requirements and letting you know about legal changes that may affect you and your business is our expertise. Catherine O’Connell Law can help you, with bi-lingual support, regardless of your stage in business maturity.



When you are just starting out in business, we:

  • Work with you to assess your legal and compliance needs and create a brief short- and long-term needs plan
  • Provide you with helpful tools (e.g., guides and templates) and advice regarding agreement negotiations with potential business partners
  • Develop your contracts for supplier/ customer/employees/contractors

If you are a more mature business, we:

  • Run a legal health check of your documents, highlight your top risks, and offer solutions for risk reduction (including reviewing, updating and strengthening your existing agreements and contracts)
  • Help you screen your service suppliers and customers from a legal and compliance perspective
  • Train your in-house staff (e.g. Sales, HR, Finance, Procurement) in contract management and more through our workshops and training. Our most popular options include “anatomy of a contract” (dissecting the most important parts of the contract and what to look for); and “prudent communications” (e.g., careful words and actions at trade shows/competitor gatherings; tips for writing customer/supplier emails).

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