Catherine O'Connell Law | Services for Law Firms in Japan and New Zealand

Models of Support

We provide two main models of support for Japanese law firms, and for foreign law firms in Japan, through the “secondment” model either in-person on-site or on-call/virtually. For New Zealand-based law firms we provide bi-lingual, in-person, or virtual support for your Japan-based clients. “Secondment” is the temporary assignment/transfer of one member of an organisation (i.e. a lawyer from our organisation) to another organisation, (i.e. to your law office).



In-Person Secondment

When you need a bi-lingual lawyer to work as part of your team at your office (either full-time or part-time), we can help you by providing the needed back-up for your team when there just aren’t enough “legal hands” to get it all done … for as little or as long as you need

Great for: dealing with non-Japanese/foreign clients who demand proficient and clear communication in English with quick turnaround (e.g., emails, witness statements and client reports). We have worked on both the client and law firm “sides,” and with our “secret-weapon” client perspective we help you enhance and deepen your relationships with your foreign clients

Available in morning, afternoon or evening timeslots to suit ongoing client delivery deadlines in the US/Europe (e.g., 6pm to 10pm, several nights a week, for overnight delivery of communication to US-based clients)

Choose from a variety of pricing options at mid-market rates: full-day (8-hours) or flat-rate packages, half-day (4-hours), or hourly or project-based pricing


On-Call / Virtual Secondment

When you need an on-call bilingual lawyer to work with you as and when you need, as an even more flexible extension of your law firm team, we can help you with support or lending a specific expertise, conveniently via Skype or Zoom, using technology for flexibility and efficiency

Great for: contract overflow work, project work, and otherwise where an extra pair of competent legal hands are required … or to enable you to manage your client’s secondment requests by engaging us as a seconded lawyer under your law firm banner, or directly. You get to meet your clients' needs while allowing your internal lawyers to continue with their workloads

Secure flexible in-house counsel from an experienced lawyer who understands your business and can deliver high quality outcomes because they too have worked in businesses just like your clients’

Also great for: New Zealand-based law firms with Japanese clients in country or in Japan, where you utilise our bi-lingual expertise to help your clients understand documentation and concepts under New Zealand law

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