Catherine O'Connell Law | Legal Services For In House Teams

Models of Support


We provide two main models of support for in-house legal teams, through the "secondment" model either in-person on-site or on-call virtually. "Secondment" is the temporary assignment/transfer of one member of an organisation (i.e. a lawyer from our organisation) to another organisation, (i.e to your office).



In-Person Secondment

  • When you need a bi-lingual lawyer to work as part of your team at your office (either full-time or part-time), we can help by providing the back-up for your team when there just aren’t enough “legal hands” to get it all done … for as little or as long as you need

  • Great for: employee gaps or absences due to maternity/parental or other medical leave, or additional coverage for longer project-based work

  • Secure in-house counsel and private-practice experience without the interviewing and budget overheads of hiring a full-time employee

  • Choose from a variety of pricing options at mid-market rates: full-day (8-hour) and flat-rate packages, hourly rates or project-based pricing

On-Call / Virtual Secondment

  • When you need a bi-lingual lawyer to work with you as and when you need them as an even more flexible extension of your legal team, we can help you by providing your legal support conveniently via Skype or Zoom, using technology for flexibility and efficiency

  • Great for: contract overflow work, project work, or weekly/ monthly “check ins” regarding your current legal challenges and upcoming vendor negotiations

  • Secure flexible in-house counsel from an experienced lawyer who understands your business because they too have worked in businesses just like yours

  • Obtain mid-market rates for legal work product that is comparable to that of large law firms, yet at considerably lower rates


The key value that Catherine provided to us was that she was able to attend our office in Japan to meet directly with key personnel, assist in the identification and collection of evidence to support our case and assist with the creation of witness statements. I am based in Melbourne so I’m limited in my ability to travel. By working directly with our business and on-site, our staff had minimal disruptions to their work, rather than having to travel to the offices of our external lawyers to provide evidence.
— Spectrum Brands, Alistair Grant, Regional General Counsel, APAC.

We are passionate about helping your small and medium, new or maturing business.

We help you stay ahead of the game based on solid legal foundations through ad-hoc, ongoing, and project-based advisory assistance.

Our half-day workshops and training packages are also useful to help you to develop your own competencies for management of basic legal transactions in-house.