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For in-house legal teams needing secondments to backfill for legal staff out on maternity/parental or other medical leave, or that “extra pair of experienced legal hands” to jump in for short-term capacity overflow and gaps, or special projects, training, and workshops, we are here to help.

We perform work for other lawyers and law firms, including Japanese domestic firms, to guide you in deepening your communication with your English-language clients and their in-house legal teams, providing you with a “secret-weapon” client perspective from over a decade of working inside businesses just like those of your clients.

We advise public and private Japanese and New Zealand companies on a variety of corporate, commercial, compliance, and regulatory matters, such as international commercial transactions, compliance audits, and in-house legal department advisory services.

Our aim is to combine our dedication to client service with our unique perspective of years of in-house legal counsel experience in Japan, complemented by corporate law practice experience in New Zealand and London. That expertise is further nuanced with our Japanese bi-lingual language fluency (English and Japanese) so as to offer you a portfolio of services that is diverse and distinct from those available from other legal service providers.

We are proud to be a leader in growing the new array of alternative secondment and ad-hoc advisory-based legal services in a market that is finally starting to embrace the fact that you, the client, have a real choice when it comes to selecting and leveraging your legal services, be that by full- or part-time support, in-person or virtual secondments, or through ad-hoc, ongoing, and project-based advisory.

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